Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Every family is different. Yet parents all over the world face problems that are surprisingly similar. Fighting at home or school. The child won’t go to bed. The kid who doesn’t seem to listen. Or one who lacks confidence. The issues you deal with in your home affect families everywhere. That’s why the Positive Parenting Program can help you

Standard Triple P provides parents with broadly focused parenting support and intervention on a one-to-one basis. The program supports parents who have concerns about their child’s behavior or development across various settings (e.g. disobedience in community settings, fighting and aggression, refusing to stay in bed or eat healthy meals).  Parents learn to identify the causes of child behavior problems and set their own goals for change. They learn a range of parenting strategies to promote and develop positive behavior for their child.  The parent educator’s focus is on generalization-enhancement strategies to promote parental autonomy throughout the intervention process.

  • Strengthen the positive bond you have with your child or teenager to support their social, emotional and intellectual development
  • Raise happy, confident kids and teens
  • Manage kids’ behavior so everyone enjoys life more
  • Set family routines and rules that everyone respects and follows
  • Get along well with your kids and argue less
  • Balance work and family without constant stress and worry


Triple P doesn’t tell you how to be a parent. It offers clear and simple ideas to help you manage problem behavior or prevent problems developing in the first place. You’ll become more confident about your parenting skills and learn how to take care of yourself as a parent, too. And you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start seeing results!

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