Intensive Parents as Teachers

Our Intensive Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is open to any family in which a parent or caregivers is struggling with a substance use disorder. Whether the parent or caregiver is dealing with an active addiction or striving to maintain sobriety, this program is available to provide the additional support that is needed to keep families safe and strong.

Families enrolled in the Intensive PAT program receive services from a parent educator with additional training in addiction and recovery. Intensive PAT provides all the benefits that our regular PAT program offers, with some added benefits and support.

Who is Eligible

The Intensive Parents as Teachers program is available to any family struggling with substance use, with children from prenatal through kindergarten

Parents as Teachers is free to everyone regardless of your income level.

Participants must reside in Columbia or Montour County.

If you are interested in
Intensive Parents as Teachers

Columbia County Family Center
P.O. Box 380 11 West Main Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
(570) 387- 9086