Child Focused Parenting

For Parenting After Divorce or Separation

The Child Focused Parenting class provides strategies to help divorcing parents shift attention to their children’s needs. Its ultimate goal is to help children cope with their parents’ separation.

Child Focused Parenting follows the Transparenting® curriculum.  It emphasizes each parent’s responsibility to provide a nurturing, non-threatening environment. Parents learn ways to reduce the negative impact of divorce on their children by focusing on separation as seen through their child’s eyes. This class also provides strategies to help children adjust to the changes in their lives.

The Child Focused Parenting class topics include:

  • Feelings associated with separation and/or divorce

  • Ways that children of different ages react during transitions

  • A parenting approach that will benefit the children

  • Suggested ways for talking to children about the changes

  • New family structures and the roles of other adults

The 3 to 4 hours of class will include the following goals:

  • Participants will learn how to handle separation which has significant and lasting effects on their own and their child or children’s well being.

  • Participants will learn how co-parenting conflict has lasting, harmful effects on children.

  • Participants will learn how effective co-parenting children’s needs above puts all, including methods for ongoing communication, shared parenting time and shared decision-making about the child or children’s needs and interests.

  • Participants will learn how attending to their own emotional, social and physical needs, allow them to gain the energy and strength necessary to move forward and behave in ways that protect their child or children’s well-being.

This class has a $45 Registration Fee that may be made payable via a money order to the Columbia County Family Center. Financial assistance may be available for those in need. 

Please make alternate arrangements for children. Children are not permitted to attend. Participants must register no later than fourteen (14) business days before the seminar date

A certificate is issued the day of the class. This course meets Columbia and Montour county requirements. If a parenting class has been court-ordered, please check with legal counsel that this is the correct parenting class for you.

If you are interested in the 
Child Focused Parenting Class 

For information contact

Jill Schoepflin
(570) 387-9086 ext 4