Participation Agreement & Guidelines for Online Parenting Classes

  1. Participant(s) must have internet access to participate in a virtual Parenting Class that allows information to be shared and videos to be viewed.

  2. Participant(s) must be at a house or somewhere they can give the instructor undivided attention and have no distractions. The virtual class cannot take place in a moving car, a grocery store, doctor’s office, or other public place where confidentiality can be breached.

  3. During class time, the instructor will require your undivided attention. Please limit distractions such as cell phones, pets, children and other people in the room

  4. The participant’s video must be on.

  5. The participant(s) must be fully dressed.

  6. The instructor will only wait for the participant(s) to join for 10 minutes then the class will be marked a “no show”.

  7. The participant(s) must contact the instructor prior to the scheduled class to cancel for it not to be counted as a “no show”.

  8. If a participant “no shows” two times, the participant will no longer be offered online classes by the instructor. Should the participant wish to resume parenting classes, they must reach out to the Family Center Administrative Office at 570-387-9086, their CYS worker, or the instructor to be placed back on the waiting list.

  9. In order to obtain a certificate of completion, participants are required to attend ten classes and will be asked to complete evaluations after every class. It is important to complete the surveys so we can gather feedback to provide optimal services and continue to provide these classes to the community.

  10.  Participants will be given 12 consecutive months to complete the parenting class program through the Columbia County Family Center. If at the end of the 12 months ten classes are not completed, participants will be required to repeat 10 sessions in order to receive a certificate of completion.

  11. Any participant who demonstrates uncontrollable anger or disruptive behavior is subject to permanent removal from parenting classes.

  12. The Parenting Class instructors are here to support you and will be sharing your participation and information with your caseworkers or the courts. The instructors are mandated reporters.